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Lectures & Talks

I offer a range of fully illustrated horticultural lectures and talks to societies, clubs and interested groups. These are given via a digital presentation and are supported by exhibits pertinent to the talk. All my equipment is PAT tested and I carry my own extension lead. My requirements are for a screen and generally, two tables. To book, click on the button below.

A Head Gardener's Year

This lecture talks about a year in the gardens at Fittleworth House in West Sussex. The lecture is both colourful and informative with some fun elements too. A good introductory talk

Growing Vegetables

This lecture offers advice on growing vegetables based on twenty years of experience growing in the walled garden at Fittleworth House. Exhibits and colourful slides.

Garden Photography

A colourful lecture that does not get overly technical but instead focuses on inspiring through light, composition, subject and time of year

Garden Inspiration

Another colourful lecture which looks at a wide range of gardens large and small, famous and private and how they can inspire our own gardens.

Pruning, a general guide

A practical lecture which looks at the art of pruning through four questions - how, why, what and when. Exhibits and slides

Garden tips from the head gardener

A selection of top gardening tips from the head gardener at Fittleworth House. Colourful slides and exhibits

An almost A-Z of good garden plants

This lecture brings together a selection of great plants for various garden situations and also includes advice on choosing and buying plants.

Gardening naturally

This lecture talks about how to 'garden naturally through soil improvement, habitat creation, natural food sources, non use of chemicals, right plant, right place, correct work practices and our own impact on the garden and its use'

Annuals, but not bedding

A lecture that includes both a practical look at catalogues and seed sowing with a colourful look at a wide range of annuals for the garden. This lecture is time of year specific. Contact for details.

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