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Fittleworth House Information

Fittleworth House Gardens 2018

Fittleworth House Open Days 2022

Fittleworth House opens for the National Garden Scheme on the following dates in 2022

National Garden Scheme

Weds 20th April, 2-5 pm

Weds 27th April, 2-5 pm

Weds 4th  May, 2-5 pm

Weds 11th May, 2-5 pm

Weds 8th June, 2-5 pm

Weds 15th June, 2-5 pm

Weds 13th July, 2-5 pm

Weds 20th July, 2-5 pm

Weds 10th August, 2-5 pm

Private tours for groups of 5-40 people by appointment

Please contact us for details

The garden will also be open as part of the Fittleworth Garden Trail

Sun 1st & Mon 2nd May 2-6 pm

Fittleworth House - a brief history

    Fittleworth House sits in a conservation area on the edge of the South Downs National Park in West Sussex. The current house dates from the 18th century and has been in the same family ownership for over fifty years.

    The main features of the garden are a fully productive working walled kitchen garden, growing a wide range of flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs. There is a smaller walled area containing the large glasshouse, potting sheds and cold frames. The Georgian house (not open) is covered by a glorious Wisteria whilst nearby stands one of the most magnificent Cedar of Lebanon's in the South of England.

A new stream built over the last two years flows from the top of the garden through rocks and beautiful plantings, creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

    At 3 acres, the garden is not huge but it is very labor intensive and is managed by head gardener Mark Saunders and his son Peter Saunders with help from Alan Seeley and a small team of volunteers

     Flowers play a big part of the garden with beds of Roses, a 150ft long Annual and vegetable mixed border, a wide range of annuals in both pots and borders and some beautiful grasses. Springtime brings Tulips, Daffodils, Rhododendrons and Camellia's whilst the birds sing and days lengthen.

      Nature forms a great part of the way the garden is planted and managed. A wildlife pond, long grass areas, Oak trees, nesting boxes and bird feeders all help to attract wildlife which has a beneficial effect on the plants.

     The garden is run along natural lines and compost plays a major part of that with over 10 tons being added to the vegetable beds each year alone. Because of this we do very little watering in the garden except for potted plants.

     In Autumn the estate hosts the Fittleworth village bonfire which raises much needed funds for the local school. The fire is built with the help of the school children and on the night there is also a good firework display and plenty of food and drink.

     The garden has been opening for the National Garden Scheme since 1999 and has so far helped raise over £50,000. We have also helped train a number of gardeners through work and training days with the WRAGS scheme and our volunteers.

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